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Thursday, October 06, 2011


You know what sucks? Cancer. It's so bloody random and HARD. Hard for the person who's suffering, obviously, and hard for the friends and family around that person. It just sucks.

The way I see it, our bodies are made up of a bunch of chemicals and processes that all work together. Just like everyones personality is different, so are our chemicals and processes inside our body. I believe there are ways to try and avoid cancer, like not smoking, but even that.....I don't think anyone can predict how their own internal body is going to react to any one chemical or speck of dust for that matter that enters his/her body.

I believe cancer just happens, randomly.

I believe that people can fight it, using medicines, brain power, but just like the randomness of it occurring in the first place, everyone is different and not all bodies/chemicals/processes are healed. Some people can't find an answer.

I think too that your brain is the last process to "die", and that's how/why people seem to hang on for that one last milestone (a birthday, someone coming to say good bye etc.). It's their brain hanging on.

I really think you have to say to yourself, in that moment, it's OK now. I can die. And then you do. I really believe that.

And that makes me feel better about it all. It takes away the worry from my mind.

That's about all I can do.

That and help those around me suffering.

Thank you Nanny/Bill/Jack/Steve for being such strong people and helping me learn this lesson as young as I am. I forsee a lot of this in my future.


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