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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Where Has Time Gone

I know I know, I've been a VERY bad blogger. I've thought about you often dear blog, but you see, I now have an almost 7 month old...and let me tell you. When she naps, I'm usually doing something, like cleaning. When she goes to bed for the night, it's Mommy and Daddy time. So you can see why you'd be so neglected.

A lot has happened in these few months. I'll start with Christmas. It was so awesome. Even a 5-6 month old can change Christmas, the lights, the music, the's only going to get better the older she gets and I already noticed a different in our first big holiday. It was around Christmas that we started feeding her vegetables, cereal was a few weeks before. That was fun. She LOVES eating and is going great with it. She has her favourites already and HATES banana's from a jar (I know, what kid hates BANANAS!) We spent New Years at home and woke her up at midnight. I felt cruel at first but she was totally unphased by it and went right back to sleep after we said our Happy New Years. The in-laws loved it.

On Jan 6th I did a pregnancy test because my gums were hurting and I felt dizzy. It was positive. Unfortunately this story doesn't have a happy ending, on Jan 29th I lost the baby and even had to have a D&C on the 31st. It was very traumatic for me and still hurts. I'm so thankful I have Sam because once again my little angel got me through a difficult time. I'll never know how far along I was etc. In my heart I think it was too soon for my body, I never even got a period and nursing SHOULD have been birth control. So we're going to try and be more careful for a little while until she's weaned I think. When I left the hospital the nurse was very reassuring and said "At least you know you don't have any trouble getting pregnant!". True.

I've been thoroughly enjoying being off from work. A group of us from the Ontario Early Years Centre have broken off and have been doing stuff together outside of the program. It's fantastic time for Sam to socialize and Mommy too! The kids are all so cute together and all within a month or two of eachother age wise. I'm in no hurry to go back, at all. I hope I can manage to stay off until July, but I could use the money. So we'll see.

Well Corey just got home and I've missed him. Sam is napping and will probably be up shortly so I'll leave you with some photos. I will try my best to update again soon!

Pretty Christmas Dress

Love The Face

First Big Bath

We're Taking Swimming Lessons!

Last Night She Started Spitting Her Food Everywhere!

If You Look Real Close On The Bottom Left There Is A Tooth (It's A Dot)

For My Darling Baby Girl: We've been having a lot of fun swimming, going to the movies etc. You're very popular with the boys and Daddy is not pleased. They all like your eyes. My nickname for you right now is "Gully" because when you talk with your soother in your mouth it sounds like you're saying gully over and over again. Daddy calls you "Skeeter" because he thinks you look like a misquito with those big eyes.

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