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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Staycation 2011

I recently took two weeks off from work to enjoy some quality time with my family. A "Stay-cation" as they say in this day and age. Frequently during said staycation, I found myself saying "I need to document this" because it was EPIC. Every single day was something special and often, unplanned. Here are the highlights:

Day 1 - Canada Day
Went swimming
Decided at the last possible second to try and go see Fireworks
Did not make it to the Firework site but instead watched from a Second Cup patio
Amazing evening, totally unexpected. The kids had so much fun and we need to go back to the same spot next year!

Day 2
Went swimming
Went shopping for "Staycation" supplies

Day 3
Went swimming
Another day of shopping for "Stacation" supplies

Day 4
Went swimming
Scrambled to prepare the house for Lynn and Kailin's visit
Had an amazing dinner with Lynn/Kailin/Auntie Lianne/Grandma/Betty
Went swimming with all of the above
Stayed up until 2am drinking wine and gabbing with Lynn

Day 5
Went swimming
Went to Gage Park for their worship event - a bonus and great time for Lynn
After Gage Park, took the kids on a walking tour of downtown Brampton - so much fun!
Stayed up until 2am drinking wine and gabbing with Lynn

Day 6
Went swimming
Took Lynn and Kailin to Cora's for brunch before they had to leave
Relaxed/swam the rest of the day

Day 7
Went swimming
Fuzion workout! Needed that after all the drinking for sure. Brought kids and class was outside. So much fun!
Big Brother kickoff in my backyard

Day 8
Went swimming
Party prep!

Day 9
Went swimming
Samantha's 5th birthday party! So much fun. Realized though, my kid wants big girl parties now

Day 10
Went swimming
Party recovery

Day 11
Went swimming
Drank a bottle of red wine
Enjoyed "sexy time" with hubby after said bottle of wine :D

Day 12
Samantha's actual Birthday!
Took a trip downtown with the girls, went to visit my work etc.
Went to Montanna's for dinner with Grandma and Bonny. Sam wanted them to sing to her
Went to the neighbours for a "Boy Bash" involving a LOT of alcohol...

Day 13
Went swimming
Tried to eat better

Day 14
Went swimming
Fuzion workout!!! No Kim so I was "in charge" of the door. Kids came

Day 15
Went swimming
Shriners Circus
Classic Cars night at Gage

Day 16
Went swimming
Participated in the Classic Cars parade downtown
Had a babysitter and went to Gage for the nights concert with hubby

Day 17
Went swimming
Prepared to face reality the next day. Bittersweet.

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