Post Traumatic Growth 101

From traumatic beginings to "normal life", choosing to grow and wanting to empower others. This is my story.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Navigating Crazy

You know, it's tough, navigating "crazy". Navigating people you really don't even know, but feel you....should? Or even "do" - your own perception, your own reality - could be totally wrong! You question yourself, your actions, your feelings, your response. But you can question all you want. Sometimes people just don't work with you, the relationship can be defined as nothing but toxic. Sometimes those people are the same people you're "supposed to love". It's's like two different languages, only they're not languages, they're history, feelings, un-said feelings, distance, blood - on two completely different, planets. Relationships are a product of environment (ie. how it came to be, where people are geographically), circumstance (ie. issues/situations out of your control) and communication (ie. are you communicating well or not - imo MOST important). The multitude of ways all of the factors are interpreted and perceived in the people involved can sometimes just not mix. I'm not going to foster the regrets, the doubts. I can't anymore. Sometimes people are just on two different rides and to intersect them would mean crashing/hurting/killing. I don't mean to hurt, but I can see how my words hurt. I know time will heal and life will go on, for everyone. You make your bed and you lie in it, with no one to answer for, but yourself. I'm too busy for this shit :D

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