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Monday, November 29, 2010

Samantha's First Report Card

We received Samantha's first report card on Friday! It's all in French and they use BIG WORDS! I have to admit, I used an online translator to understand some of these wonderful words they used. Here are the comments she received:

On her personal and social development:
Samantha displayed a degree of autonomy and self-confidence in her behavior, and fits easily to her new school. She requires a little help to dress and put on her shoes. She demonstrated a great consideration with respect to her peers, personal effects and materials at her disposal. She respects the rules of group living and routines with efficiency and participates with great enthusiasm during circle time activities. She contributes positively to the functioning of the class.

Expectations and learning content that comprise the program for Samantha are derived from the French Framework Programme. Samantha identifies and recognizes the letter of study, her first name and those of her peers with ease. Samantha reveals a very positive attitude towards learning french, she expresses herself more and more. She can recognize certain sounds and can find words containing the sound in the study with a little support.

Samantha demonstrated a good understanding of numbers by reciting the numbers from 1 to 5 with very little help. She acknowledges with some mathematical accuracy the rhyme (?). In addition, Samantha identifies and recognizes the circle in its environment with ease and is capable of displaying objects that are in the shape of a circle. She uses the correct terminology to name the geometric shape with very little help. Finally, she demonstrates a certain accuracy and effectiveness when matching objects one by one.

Samantha is able to assemble the images in a drawing according to their shapes. In addition, she cuts the images efficiently. Samantha colours with some precision, but needs to work hard to do so.

Social Studies:
Samantha loves the songs memorizes them pretty quickly. Samantha meets the guidelines and safety rules with efficiency because she is able to measure the benefits of doing so.

Samantha accurately describes the activities related to the fall but needs a little help to describe the phenomena related to this season (whatever that means!).

Physical Education and Health:
Samantha participated in daily physical activities both inside and outside and demonstrated a high regard for her peers with displacements. In addition, Samantha respects the rules and guidelines established for security (whistle stop, using the materials and equipment safely) with efficiency. However, she executes with a certain efficiency of gross motor movements COORDINATION, balance and flexibility (ramp, ride). Samantha has excellent food and hygiene habits.

We're off to a great start with her education me thinks :D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Music Makes Me Happy

I love music. No matter how alone/sad/tired I feel, hearing some of my favourite music always brightens my mood.

What's my favourite music you ask? Why hip hop of course! Why? The beats. I love love love to dance. There are many reasons to like music and for me in particular, I don't really care what the words say - I care about the beats and how I can move when I hear them!

The love of hip hop goes waaaaay back. I think I can pin point it to the summer between grade 8 and 9. Ahhhh what a summer. I was back in the big city of Lasalle after having been away in Northern Quebec for 2 years. It didn't take me long to make friends at my high school - I had gone to elementary school with most of the people for 6 years. I did make a "best friend" - Christina. Christina had a crush on a guy and he was really into hip hop so of course, we had to be too. I learned about Craig Mack, Kriss Kross, Jodeci, Boys to Men and many other groups. Christinas friend taught me how to "wine" and do the "butterfly". I could do it! It was time to move on from C and C music factory and the "running man". I was growing.

My brother happened to fall into the same type of crowd and he too developed an appreciation for hip hop. He did like the hard core rap as well. I can just imagine what my mother was thinking :)

Music takes me to a numbs me. It shuts off the constant thinking that's going on in my brain.

Music also helps me get my negative energy out - through dance. I have discovered an amazing class called Fuzion. I started taking these classes with my instructor last year when she was under the "Zumba" umbrella. I knew immediately that Skye - my instructor - was different. The energy she exuded when dancing was infectious - I was hooked. The bumping and grinding, bouncing and wining - BAM - instant addict. Once I got to know Skye it was even more positive - the girl has three kids, teaches and has an amazing husband who supports her in every way. Together they support their community and participate in several outreach projects. Some of them I have even been able to contribute to - through dance!

I have had the pleasure of participating in 3 Flash Mobs to support one of their programs One Voice One Team. What's a flash mob you ask? It's an organized spontaneous looking dance in public! The first one we did was in front of the Skydome/Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto. I brought the kids, the hubby and some friends and had a BLAST. The feeling you get after putting yourself out there like that - incredible. The next one was in Downtown Brampton in front of Rose Theatre. I liked being able to walk to that one! While performing the dance I got to hear some teenagers talking, asking "what's going on?" One of them said "Oh, these are professional dancers". That definately made me feel good :)

The third Flash Mob was just the weekend before last - our first INDOOR Flash Mob! I can proudly say that I have danced inside a mall :)

All of these Flash Mobs were recorded and can be found on YouTube (search for One Voice One Team Flash mob).

I am down 30 lbs and counting. Fuzion and dancing have helped me stay on track. I have found my outlet to release negative energy!

It's no wonder I'm in the dumps today - I had to miss last nights class. I'm trying to shake it off though - there's always Thursday!

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