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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trucking Along

2010 was an amazing year. I feel the need to capture why:
* Mackenna became MACKENNA. My baby girl is an amazing person, truely. She can speak clearly now in complete sentances and we've discovered that we have a little clown on our hands! Her main goal in life lately is to make us smile/laugh. It's so easy for us to do what with her little chubby cheeks and cute face!
* We finally got to enjoy our pool. Thank you nice summer weather! I went swimming almost every night and I still "go there" in my mind....floating on my back (usually NAKED!!!) looking up at the stars just being....ALIVE.
* I lost 30 lbs and became the "new me". I didn't really broadcast my efforts outside of but I changed my physical self - for the good! I can't even begin to describe the energy I gained by changing my eating habits and getting regular exercise. Lesson learned self! I plan on getting rid of another 30lbs this year and hitting my "goal weight"
* I discovered the bestest workout ever - FUZION! Skye is our (Kim's a fellow addict) instructor and I have never met someone more motivating than this chick. The energy just flows out of her and I take it ALL in. The class is simply a dance class. We learn high impact complicated dance moves to songs I LOVE and we dance every week! I can definately credit this workout for my success this year - and next. I also have made a new friend in Skye.
* Friends! I have made some lifelong friends this year. True friends. I'm finally the honest real person that I have wanted to be - I did it! By being more open and honest with people I really like, I have discovered "Friend love" and even "sisterhood" in the sense that I pictured it. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else lol but it means a LOT to me!
* Roots. We are developing some STRONG roots here in Brampton Ontario Canada and I don't think we ever want to leave. New Brunswick is no longer "in scope". I love my community, my house and my life here in Brampton.
* We got a new family member, Maggie. Hard to believe she's almost a year old (Feb 13th). Time flies! I'm still not a "dog person", I have to admit, but she's a good dog and if I had to have one (which I did apparently) then I couldn't have asked for a better dog. <3 you Maggie!
* Sam started school! I've posted about how great she's doing and it continues! My kid is going to be a smart cookie - good thing we've got the savings going for their post-secondary education!
* Corey and I are stronger than ever. It's been a WILD ride in this regard, but we're working on it all the time. He's my best friend in the whole world and I'm very lucky.
* Family peace - I've finally gotten rid of most of (come on, it'll never be ALL) my expectations when it comes to my extended family. They are warped/screwed up/different people and yes, that hurts, but what the heck can I do about it? I can only live my life - I have no control over these people. I wish them all luck with their sad lives :) I'm here if you need me!
* Family strength - my new and improved family is getting stronger. I got to spend a lot of quality time with my niece Kailin and her mom and wow...this is the family I always dreamed of. Non-judgemental, open, loving and caring. I am so lucky to have them in my life.
* Work confidence - the first year is over and done with here at my new job and while I may not necessairly like the work itself that I'm doing, I at least feel more competant when doing it! I have a lot of power and exposure at work and in 2011 I want to find a way to harness this feeling and move on to something I actually like. Exciting!
* Fun. 2010 was FUN. I just feel so lucky!

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