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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another New Adventure

So we did end up buying that cottage! We now own three properties. I still can't wrap my head around that! This opportunity was so clearly obviously meant for us

There are so many wonderful memories of the cottage going through my mind already and it's only been less than two months since we've owned it. I want to eventually live in the area for SURE. In 6 years we've gone from wanting to move to NB to settling down here in Ontario. Never in a million years could I have predicted this adventure :)

Dec 6th is fast approaching. I find myself fighting off blankets of sadness that seem to come out of no where. Even at the cottage, I find myself thinking about how so freakin' much my mom would have loved it. Heck, we've even thought about how she could have moved up there with Corey's mom - it would have been PERFECT! I'm so mad that she never got to see ANY of this, the kids, the jobs, the houses...I'm doing it Mom!!! I'm breaking the patterns!

The memories of the phone call that day, the trip to Quebec, they're all so vivid yet so far....I guess that makes sense, this is the 6th anniversary of her passing. I don't do anything to mark the occasion, I don't really tell anyone, I go to work, I don't "RIP Mom" on Facebook or the like. All my mourning/thinking/rationalizing takes place in my own mind.

And right around the corner is Christmas :) A HUGE holiday in our house again what with the kids so involved!

I'm happy, healthy, surrounded by people I love and once a year, I'm going to think about my mom and her traumatic passing. C'est la vie :) And I have one of the best lives I know!

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