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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's Official, She's ONE

I have a one year old daughter. It's still pretty unbelievable. She's pretty unbelievable. The speed she's growing at, I just want to make it stop! She's constantly changing, learning and discovering. She can say "up" now whenever she wants to be picked up. Figures my kid would start there. She's doing good with the walking though. Any day now we expect her to take off!

Her birthday parties were nice. On her actual birthday we came into my work for a free breakfast they were holding. It was nice getting to show her off :) That afternoon we went for a picnic with our mom and baby friends we made over this last year. It's amazing how much the babies have changed, I think you see it more in other kids. The picnic was nice, a little too chilly for the spash pad so we mostly sat around talking and letting the babies play. That night my cousin, Aunt and the rest of us had a special dinner (Dad's homemade spaghetti) and then a cake. She didn't demolish it! She was careful and didn't eat much...dainty little princess that she is. She opened a few presents and played with all her new backyard toys. She sure got a lot for such a small thing!

On Saturday we had a bigger party and invited friends and family. My grandparents were in town from Magog so they came with Auntie Lianne. It ended up raining and some people had to cancel but it worked out because we had no room in the house. The kids who were there had a blast playing with Sam and all her new toys. We did the cake thing again, same reaction, and opened more presents. Oh, the cutest was when we were all singing Happy Birthday. She's such a ham! I couldn't believe how much she was hamming it up for everyone. The oooh's and aaaah's were ruining the birthday song! lol

I've almost 100% weaned her. We're down to one feeding (morning). I'm having more of a hard time with this than I thought I would. I want to be the best mom and most pro breastfeeders say you should let the child wean but I don't want to wait until she's 2-4 years old! I want my body back! Not only do I want to eat/drink/smoke whatever I want, I also want to have another one sooner than later so a break is imporant.

Our mutual facination of everthing Sam does has brought Corey and I even closer. I didn't imagine that would be possible but here we are! Neither one of us can believe she's turning into this little person. She's growing a lot more attached to Dad and he's loving it! I on the other hand miss her clinging to me :P It is nice to see her wanting him though, it makes him feel a lot more involved. It's a funny thing for Dads, those first few months. There really isn't much for them to do except take care of the Mamma. I don't think Corey got to bond with her the way I did in those early days. I don't think he knew how to handle himself with this someone who wouldn't react to him, respond etc. I also think this is typical for a lot of men. What is there to do in those early days? All they do is eat, sleep and poop. Well I had the eating duty, sleeping she could handle and then what, he's designated diaper dude? That's not fair! He was good though, he waited it out and now he has an adoring clingy daughter :)

We've been RV'ing like crazy. I love camping. Especially with Corey. We're just so alike yet so just works. He's the big strong man and I'm the smart wife lol.

I got a new camera for my birthday! I'm includin some pics that I took when I first got it. Birthday pictures will have to wait, I don't have them here at work.

For My Darling Baby Girl: You're a big girl now! I sneak in and watch you sleep...I can't believe how long you are! You look like a little girl, not as much baby.You love to blow kisses, cuddle, walk around holding onto all of the furniture, dance, clap, slide, play with balls, swing and play in Daddy's truck. You love going to the babysitter, Debbie and have made a lot of friends in the neighborhood. I have talked to many neighbours who I never would have even glanced at because of you. Your smile, your love radiates from you and fills my heart. You've taught me the power of smile.

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