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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It's not so bad! Heck I'm actually enjoying it. Hard to admit since I feel a bit of guilt, I mean shouldn't I want to be with my baby 24/7? But here I am, admitting, I like the "me time". A lot.

I have two favourite times during my typical work day. 12pm-1pm I go to the gym here at work, put on my iPod shuffle (how cool am I?), open my trashy "novel" and walk for 45 mins on the treadmill. This is pure me time. My own tunes, outsiders interrupting me. The best part is I'm exercising!

4:15pm is the best best best time of my work day. It's when I pick Samantha up. I cannot explain how amazing it is seeing her face light up when I show up. It's a daily reminder that in her eyes, I'm number 1. How awesome is that? And I will ALWAYS be number1, I'm her MOM.

I look at her, 11 months later, in amazement. I created this little person. The more she grows, the more facinated I am. Her smiles, her claps, her waves...they're all a part of me. I created her, grew her, feed her, teach her.

I can't wait to get a new camera (mine was lost) because I HAVE to get a video clip of her dancing. It's the CUTEST THING EVER. She takes after her mom I tell ya. As soon as she hears a tune with a good beat it's bounce bounce bounce.

As she crosses over into toddlerhood I find myself longing for another one. We're trying, it's just not happening as easy as it did in the past. This worries me. I can't help it. Then I worry I'm stressing myself out and that's why it's not happening.

I'm all over the place here. Back to work. Yay.

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