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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unplanned Weekend

In my world, when you don't plan your weekend, the following happens:
Friday night - kids are gone to Grandma's. Hubby and I go out for dinner and dancing! Lovely night with my hunny.

Saturday morning - Corey has a cottage "I have to see" that he...wants me to see! So we go see it. I fall in love. Right there on the spot we make an offer :)

Saturday afternoon - friend calls and invites us up to his boat for the end of year party

Saturday evening - pick the kids up from Grandmas and head out to the boat. Eat large amounts of free food with some hoity toity boaters. Hang out on a boat! It even had these two little "kid sized" beds that the girls LOVED. It also had a DVD player ;) It was nice to sit outside of the boat and smell the country air. The stars were beautiful as well!

Sunday morning - actual boating :) Corey took the kids and I on a nice little ride. We decided we're not boaters though and are glad we're thinking of cottage instead :)

Sunday afternoon - time to go home and get ready for the week!

Sunday evening - I had to run out and grab some groceries, when I get home the kids and hubby are no where to be found. Finally found them in our neighbours yard - on their new giant swing set. Guess I know where to find my missing family from now on!

This upcoming weekend is a planned weekend that includes Poker on Fri night, a baby shower Sat afternoon, a 30th b-day party on Sat night and a boat tour of Toronto aboard a pirate ship on Sunday :)

Family life = busy!

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

This Is What Life Is About

This morning Sam looked at me and said "Why do you look pretty today Mommy?" I was taken back, I'm not wearing anything "special"!

Then, when washing her face and hands, she started single the Bruno Mars song "You're Amazing" to me. I joined her and wrapped her little body up in my arms as close as I could while we sang together.

THIS is what life is about.

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